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      How many times have you been told not to worry and "think positive"? Bills pile up, kids misbehave and you're supposed to be your best for a 9 a.m. meeting that you haven't had time to prepare for.  It's hard to believe that life will get easier if you just envision a better world.  There has to be more to it.

      Denise demonstrates how anyone can use simple, practical methods to change their perception of a problem - resulting in less stress and more productivity. Her work in HUMAN RESOURCES for a WORLDWIDE ACCOUNTING FIRM, together with her own powerful and humorous stories will make it evident that overcoming obstacles and getting back on the road to success is within your reach.

      Make your meetings fun, creative and rewarding.  Hire Denise to provide employers and employees with the tools they need to transform worries and doubts into progress and accomplishments.

      Denise helps audiences in the public and private sectors to discover that life's worst situations can bring the greatest rewards.


      Contact Denise Becker at:

      Tel:  778-903-5106778-903-5106      email:

      "I have had the pleasure of hearing Denise Becker speak on several different occasions. She is unfailingly clear, cogent, moving and motivating when she speaks...every time I've heard her -- fully resonant among her audience."

      ~ Ross Harvey, Executive Director, Positive Living Society of BC

      "Denise's humour and upbeat attitude demonstrated that words like "mindfulness" and "planning" can be part of every long-term success strategy."

      ~ Kirk Walker, CEO, Zesti Media

      "Thanks for your presentation at Rotary. I have had several emails telling me how much people appreciated your story. Let me know if you want to come to another meeting anytime."

      ~ Sieglinde Malmberg, Human Resources Consultant, HR In Your Pocket

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