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      Denise tells us the story of a life changing moment which almost made her throw in the towel.  But then she realized that this might be the greatest opportunity that she had ever come across and an opportunity to change her life and the way people think.

      What happened next will show you that people are capable of almost anything and can make a difference in the lives of those around them, if they just choose to BELIEVE.

      Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, Denise can make your meetings fun, creative and rewarding.  Denise brings humour and energy to your conference.  She purposely throws out the rule book to help our brains decide what life we want to live.. and how we can help others too.


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                "I have had the pleasure of hearing Denise Becker speak on several different occasions. She is unfailingly clear, cogent, moving and motivating when she speaks...every time I've heard her -- fully resonant among her audience."

                ~ Ross Harvey, Executive Director, Positive Living Society of BC

                "Denise's humour and upbeat attitude showed us that words like "happiness" and "passion" can be part of every long-term success strategy."

                ~ Kirk Walker, CEO, Zesti Media

                "Denise speaks courageously of things most intimate and difficult, from her own experience,giving generously of herself to further understanding in others."

                ~ Richard Elliott, Executive Director, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

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